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Hey! I'm a 3D & Motion Graphics Artist based in NYC. I also build apps. Check out to see my work and Ollie Goes to see my latest app.

Interseted in working with me? Contact me through the Wonderbot Studios Contact Form and we'll chat.
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Photos by emilymiethner.

Our first meetup for Astoria Indie Creatives was a huge success. We had over 50 attendees and a ton of great connections. Special thanks to the venue, The Strand Smokehouse, who gave us an amazing space and even a few free pitchers. We’ll definitely have to have another meetup there.

Our next meetup will be at Raven’s Head Public House on May 28th from 7-10pm. Visit for more details and some other events.

Happy - Pharrell Williams (The No Music Music Video)

Some of these scenes get nice and awkward with no music. Great sound design though.

Aliens, Big Foot (who turns out to be completely bionic) and an earthquake along the entire West Coast that can only be stopped by another, man-made earthquake. These are the plot devices of a single episode of the Six Million Dollar Man. Amazing!

Have you guys heard about this Throwback Thursday thing? Could be a popular trend. #1stTBT #tbt #mustang #1966 #convertible #ford (at Back Achers Airfield)

"Ask History: April Fools"

A little piece I worked on last year with the fine folks at for the History Channel.

Dear John Lasseter,

I think it’s cool you’re making another Incredibles, but do we need another Cars movie? Let’s just let that one drive off into the sunset.


The new Peanuts movie is going to look really good! I hope the movie is as good as it will look.

Super excited to see this spot on TV! I worked with the talented folks at to build out this set digitally in 3D. It’s amazing how well the fabricators matched our 3D renders! Check out the spot HERE and see what you think. Kudos to the team at for pulling off an amazing shoot!

'GMA' Puts the 'Happy' in Your Morning

The Irish Car Bomb Cupcake is back. #stpats #stpatricks #stpatricksday #guinness #jameson #baileys #homemade

I’m very excited to announce that I am starting an Astoria meetup for creative people with my good friend and fellow Astorian, Emily Miethner. Our first event is a casual meetup set for 7-10pm on Friday, April 18th at The Strand Smokehouse on Broadway. More information can be found on the Meetup Page.

Creative people from any industry are welcome to attend. You do not have to be from Astoria, but we’ll definitely be talking about how much we love working and living in our little corner of Queens. Bring a few bucks for good food/drink and a story or two about your work/interests/hobbies/projects or anything else you are passionate about. Hope to see you there!

Meetup Page: Astoria Indie Creatives

(photo: Astoria Park & the Hell Gate Bridge)