Nick Hoefly

Hey! I'm a 3D & Motion Graphics Artist based in NYC. I also build apps. Check out to see my work and Ollie Goes to see my latest app.

Interseted in working with me? Contact me through the Wonderbot Studios Contact Form and we'll chat.
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Just saw the documentary, “Print The Legend” about the rise of the consumer 3d printing industry and the companies who built it. Pretty cool.

Two more half gallons of cider started today. Lf to Rt: Cinnamon Apple, Vanilla Apple, Plain Apple(+1 week)

The first batch of the season has started. Picked, pressed and brewed by yours truly.

Come hangout with us this Friday @ the Strand. We’ll be there from 7-10pm.

Beautiful evening in New York to go along with a great #fall day.

Breakfast on the way to some apple pickin’ today. Fall is officially beginning. (at Pleasantville Diner)

Elements of Design by Matt Greenwood

It’s time for another Astoria Indie Creatives hangout! Join us this Friday night at The Strand Smokehouse from 7-10pm.

Another gem from Weird Al on his new album.

My wife sent me his other song “Handy”, which is a parody of “Fancy”. Not only can I not get Iggy Azalea’s song out of my head right now, but we’re currently doing a ton of home improvements on a new house and Weird Al’s version is a perfect theme song for me right now as the resident handy man, haha. Anyway, enjoy.

Really cool concept for stop-motion animation.